Lakewood Ranch Athletic Center
8256 Legacy Blvd.,
Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202
Sensei Clark George 4th DAN, Chief Instructor
Sensei Karen George 3rd DAN
Every Tuesday & Thursday Evening
Karate- 6:30-7:30

Sensei Clark is a 4th degree Black Belt and Chief Instructor
at White Tiger Kempo in Sarasota, Florida. Clark was awarded his 4th degree by Grandmaster Rich Fescina 9th dan and Professor Nicolas Bruno 8th dan in October 2011. Clark is rated a Top National Competitor by the KRANE organization, a member of the Karate Association of America, and is listed on the Kajukebo family tree.

Sensei Clark joined the White Tiger Kempo Family in 1997 after several years of training in other styles. He found a home in Kempo realizing the system to be a well rounded and practical art, having all the needed elements for effective self-defense. In addition to being a complete martial arts system, he enjoyed Kempo’s logical arrangement of rank material as being a superior approach compared to his experience in other styles.

Sensei Clark provides students with the direction needed to make steady progress, regardless of age, flexibility, or current level of fitness.  His approach is to take what may appear complex and make it simple to learn and understand. Regardless of your current level, Kempo will improve your balance, improved fitness, power, focus, and confidence while having fun in a clean and safe environment.

Training in the Sarasota location also includes Chinese Broadsword (single & double) and Bo Staff training offered as an integral part of the Martial Arts Program.


Sensei Karen is a 3rd degree Black Belt teaching White Tiger Kempo in Sarasota, Florida.  She was awarded her 3rd Degree by Grand Master Rich Fescina 9th dan and Professor Nicholas Bruno 8th dan and is a long time student in the Kempo Martial Arts System.

She studied at Miami University, Oxford obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Education Degree, a Bachelor of Arts Degree, has been a Certified Personal Trainer, and is First Aid and CPR qualified.  Sensei Karen ‘s work experience includes coaching sports and teaching academics in both public and private school environments at the Junior High and High School levels before training at Kempo Martial Arts.

Sensei Karen joined the Kempo Martial Arts Family in 1999 after her husband Clark and daughter Jenna joined in 1997 and 1998.  Her martial arts training includes bo, single and double Chinese Broadsword, and has judged at tournaments in New York and Florida.

Sensei Karen provides students with training in a variety of core strengthening exercises to create a solid base of support to help generate powerful movements of the extremities.  She also devotes class time to flexibility training in order to improve fluidity of movement, improve muscle imbalances and reduce likeliness of injury.

In addition to teaching White Tiger Kempo, Sensei Karen is currently involved in community service work at the Trillium Home Owners Association as Vice President on the Board of Directors.