With currently 8 locations on Long Island and one in Florida, Kempo Martial Arts Dojos have been serving the community for over twenty years!

Come see why we have been rated the #1 Karate Schools on Long Island by Fox 5 News and News 12 Long Island!

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Kempo Karate is effective for all ages!

At all Kempo Martial Arts Dojos our schedules are tailored to provide you and your family with the best in Martial Arts training in a safe clean environment. We take pride in keeping our classes controlled by age and rank, as well as our Instructor to student ratio. At all of our Dojos you may rest assured that there will be several Assistant Instructors helping your Chief Instructor to guide you and your children on their journey to a healthier more disciplined future through Karate. All of our classes are divided by age group and by training level to allow more one on one time with your Instructor.

Our students are expected to be productive members of their community, keep their school grades at a level that represents the best of their ability, and to lead a home life that all others can look up to. At Kempo Martial Arts Dojos we strive to create leaders and work side by side with any and all students, of any age, to help them achieve all that they are capable of attaining. Beginners train with beginners, intermediate levels train together, and Green through Black Belts train together in an advanced class.


Our Programs

Along with your self defense training, all of our classes include a heart healthy cardiovascular workout along with intensive body strength conditioning geared towards a healthy body and lifestyle.

Workouts are structured toward each individuals self improvement and are easily modified for your own level of training.——————————————————————————————————————–
Little Tigers
4-5 Years of age train in a small structured environment cohesive to learning balance, hand eye co-ordination, and communication skills, all while having the time of their lives.
Young Warriors
5 1/2 – 7 Years of age enjoy unlimited training, a more disciplined environment and increasing peer communication skills along with stranger awareness.
Young Adults
8 – 12 Years of age enjoy unlimited training, while learning how to avoid peer pressure, as well as bully awareness and situation control. ——————————————————————————————————————–
Teens & Adults
13 + Years of age enjoy an unlimited intensive hands on experience geared towards avoiding and surviving hostile situations.

The Three Rules To Live By:

At Kempo Martial Arts Dojo we pride ourselves on teaching others to treat everyone the same as you would have them treat you.

The ability to do the things in life you have to do, whether you like them or not. A Martial Artist focuses on the task at hand and always performs to the best of his or her ability.

Control your emotions and never let your feelings get the best of you. A well trained Martial Artist is never led by anger, for their skills would be greatly diminished. To be responsible for your actions.


The 5 Animals

The five animal fighting system represents a series of techniques derived from the movements and theoretical thought patterns of these animals in nature.

The Tiger uses a direct approach. The Spirit of the Tiger is one of Tigerpower, ferocity and relentless pursuit of the enemy. In any confrontation it leaps into attack going for the quick and direct resolution of the conflict. When a Tiger fights it is with one single focused goal – to bring its enemy or prey down. The Tiger will attack with a relentless determination. Movements are executed with physical force and power.


Lightening fast speed without hesitation. Suddenly, the Leopard will be all over the adversary with a volley of multiple, lightening leopardfast, short, snappy strikes and then just as suddenly it will withdraw after having inflicted serious damage to the enemy.


The dragon style represents the cultivation of the spirit, which is Dragon_Japaneseone of elusiveness. The Dragon will disappear and reappear in defense and counter attack. What this means is that when confronted with an adversary, the Dragon will calmly wait for the attack and once launched, will move out of the way with confusing footwork patterns and counter attacks. One second the Dragon is there, the next he is gone. In contrast to the Tiger and Leopard, the Dragon prefers not to use hard blocking, but rather avoids and redirects the attack of the enemy.


CraneThe Spirit of the Crane can be represented by standing ones ground in balance and poise in Cranethe face of great danger. Like the Snake, the Crane will attack vulnerable areas of the enemy. It is a master of evading supported by blocking and redirection. It would seek to frustrate its opponent, helping it to defeat itself.

The Spirit of the Snake can Snakebest be described as one ofSnake temperance, alertness, concentration, patience and endurance. It quietly awaits its enemy and when least expected will launch a single deadly strike to a vital point. The snake will calmly await an attack and then, unlike the Crane which uses a hop to evade the attack, the snake will simply rotate and lean the body out of the way of the attack while at the same time executing a counter attack with the finger tips to a vital point of the enemy.